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Office of the DDGM
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R.W. Bro. Nick Zarafonitis
4121 14th Ave.
Markham, ON L3R 0J2
(416) 580-8401



W. Bro. John Holmes
54 Kempsell Crescent
Toronto, ON  M2J 2Z7
(647) 444-5360


DDGM 2023

R.W. Bro. Nick Zarafonitis
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

May 2024 Message

My Dear Fellow Brethren,

Unified in brotherhood we find strength, purpose, and harmony.

This quote is from a recent reading that was presented at our District Divine Service. These few simple words carry a powerful message. Brethren the tenets and principles inculcated throughout our Masonic teachings are a true testament to the spirit and strength of the Craft.

We are humbled in our first steps through the door to the lodge. We are given the tools to be enabled to be passed and stand to all as true and upright men. We are finally raised from darkness to light.

All this miraculous progress is made possible through the unified strength of the Brothers who walked this path before us.

The support, strength, kindness and love of the craft guides us with purpose and harmony to make deep and lasting bonds with our Brothers in Masonry.

Brethren stand tall and proud to be a Mason.

Yours sincerely in brotherhood,

R.W. Bro. Nick Zarafonitis
DDGM, Toronto East District 2023~2024

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