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W.Bro. Robin Singh



R.W. Bro. Gordon Crutcher,
P&E Committee Team Leader

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Grand Lodge Quarterly "P&E Essentials"
Information Bulletin

Brought to you by the Grand Lodge Protocol & Etiquette Committee
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Issue 40 - Intro of Dist Sec and Alt VOS
Issue 39 - Balloting and Lodge Elections
Issue 38 - O' Canada, Candidates, Working Tools
Issue 37 - Proper and Improper Solicitation
Issue 36 - Open Books and Freedom of the Lodge
Issue 35 - Common Protocol Mistakes
Issue 34 - Humour in the Lodge Room
Issue 33 - The Past Master
Issue 32 - Dress Code Protocol
Issue 31 - Masonic Memorial Services
Issue 30 - Director of Ceremonies and the Badge of Office / Lodge Elections
Issue 29 - Visiting Other Lodges and Conducting  (or Undergoing)  a Board of Trial
Issue 27 - The Director of Ceremonies (January 2014)
Issue 26 - Committee of Inquiry (July 2013)
Issue 25 - Q&A (June 2013)
Issue 24A - The DDGM (April 2013)
Issue 23 - Jewels, Pins and Collars (March 2013)
Issue 22 - Draping the Warrant and Memorial Services (February 2013)
Issue 21 - How to give Grand Honours (January 2013)
Issue 20 - Introducing Those Seated At A (December 2012)
Issue 19 - Banquet Hall Protocol (June 2012)
Issue 18 - Election of Lodge Officers (May 2012)
Issue 17 - Grand Honours, Deacons (April 2012)
Issue 16 - Multiple VOSL, Cell Phones (March 2012)
Issue 15 - Business Portion of Lodge (February 2012)
Issue 14 - Committee of GP (January 2012)
Issue 13 - Masonic Memorial Services (June 2011)
Issue 12 - Dress Codes (April 2011)
Issue 11 - The WM and Saluting (March 2011)
Issue 10 - Masonic Toasts (January 2011)
Issue 09 - WMW Medal & The Head Table (December 2010)
Issue 08 - The Ballot (Part 2)
Issue 07 - The Ballot (Part 1)
Issue 06 - Regalia & Addressing the East
Issue 05 - Lewis Jewel & The Warrant
Issue 04 - Visiting Brethren & GL Visitors
Issue 03 - Wands, Banquet Hall, Grand Honours
Issue 02 - The Gavel & Banquet Hall
Issue 01 - Reasons for P&E
Index of Topics Covered in P&E Essentials (July 2016)




Grand Lodge "Lodge of Instruction"

October 2010

Protocol & Etiquette

In the words of W.Bro. Robin Singh:

The goal of the District Protocol and Etiquette liaisons are to distribute in a timely manner the P&E publications and LOE Schedule from Grand Lodge to the Toronto East District Secretaries and to encourage the use and further distribution of this material to each lodge of the district via the secretaries. To conduct any informational sessions as requested by the current DDGM of Toronto East District, and to source the answers to and P&E questions that may arise from the brethren of Toronto East District


"et·i·quette" definition:

1. conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

Masonic Protocol is the formal code of etiquette and behaviour between brethren. Rules of the Masonic etiquette have been transmitted from the past and are accepted as the rules of polite manners and correct behavior to be exercised while we are engaged in Masonic activities with our brethren.

Masonic protocol is not just something quaint which we to link us to the past, it is a living reminder of both who we are and who we say we are.

The Grand Lodge Protocol & Etiquette Committee have recently released a series of documents which will be of great assistance to the officers in the Lodge when considering necessary protocol and etiquette for situations such as:

  • Receiving Grand Lodge Visitors
  • Protocol in the Lodge Banquet Hall

These invaluable documents can be downloaded from the Toronto East District website by clicking on either of the links below:

The Installation Ceremony – Ritual, Protocol, Tips and Reminders (Revised January 1, 2017)
Receiving Grand Lodge Officers & Banquet Hall Protocol (Revised September 1, 2017)
2017 - 2018 Grand Lodge Order of Introduction
Guide to the Masonic Memorial Services (January 2017)





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