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V.W.Bro. Dennis Rankin
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Mechanics of the Work Committee

We will be continuing the Saturday Morning classes at the East Toronto Masonic Temple on Chisholm Ave., with six Winter sessions during 2018. This course is sponsored by Acacia 430 and is graciously aided by the East Toronto Masonic Temple Board. Dates and times are listed below.

The Facilitators this year will be Bob Steenson, Gil Carreiro and Dennis Rankin. We will meet in the banquet hall for our wake-me up cuppa joe and selected health food items between 8:30 & 9:00 a.m. We will request a donation to offset the costs for the refreshments and any extra will be directed towards the District Charity.

The classes will start at 9:00 a.m. and go until approximately noonish. It is designed for all Masons, from seasoned Master Mason to the newest Entered Apprentice. Our intent is to get each participant as comfortable with the work of the ritual as we can. We will be employing the latest black book of the Work. At present it is the 2017 version.

Special days are planned in both the Fall and Winter for concentrating on the work of the Deacons in all three degrees, including openings, closings, balloting, password and pass grip collection and Grand Lodge Officer reception; plus . . .

We do not wear regalia in class and our dress code is relaxed.


The dates are as follows: -

January 27th – The Masonic Memorial Service,

February 3rd - Deacons 1st degree,

February 10th - Deacons 1st degree,

February 24th - Deacons 2nd and 3rd degree,

March 3rd - Deacons 2nd and 3rd degree,

and finally March 10th, a summation.

Come out and try your hand at an office you are to go to next in your lodge or an office that you aspire to in the future. You will enjoy a morning of profit and pleasure, guaranteed!


Dennis Rankin @ kdrankin@pathcom.com or 416-691-1704, or

Bob Steenson @ bob.steenson@ontarioair.com or 416-697-0822

Gil Carreiro @ gilbert.c@rogers.com




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