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Key Contacts

W.Bro. Greg McKinnon
416-686-0107 gregmckinnonmm@gmail.com


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District History Committee


District Historian

To compile the history of the Toronto East District for the Masonic year 2013/2014 in the:

1. Receipt and retention of all Lodge Summons in a paper-based format.
2. Receipt and retention of printed Lodge ephemera received from Lodges and individual Masons; and printed Lodge histories.
3. Receipt and retention of TED official digital photographs received from the District photographer. (Digital must be received in storage-ready format, i.e. disk, stick; not by e-mail)

Special Projects:

1. Continue to work with former District Historian Gord Boutilier to gain better administrative control over the District's pre-2011 collection.
2. To, with the DDGM's approval, contact the Lodge Secretaries to enquiry as to the origin of the individual Lodges' VOTSL. The secretaries will also be asked to provide a photograph, if possible, and any other interesting information or stories related to the VOTSL or its use in their Lodges. (This information will be compiled by the District Historian upon receipt.)







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