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Masonic Education Committee


In the words of Bro. Andrew Douris:

My goal as District Chairman for Education is to  keep Masons  in the district abreast  of eucational programs provided by  Grand  Lodge; including the College of Freemasonry, Reflections  Magazine, the DDGM  course  and the Sankey Lectures. Please see below for moire information on this important aspect of Freemasonry.


“The ritual does not make masons – it only makes members” Ritual is fundamental to the Craft, and its preservation in its purest form is the lifeblood of our Fraternity, but it is not to be confused with Masonic Education.  In Masonic Education we learn the following: its tenets, history, traditions, landmarks, customs, philosophy, symbolism, and its allegories – even its Constitution and Laws – just to mention a few.

If these subjects are studied and mastered they can provide a most intriguing course for a Brother seeking the opportunity to gain Masonic Knowledge, being quite apart from his rightful ambition to become a good ritualist.  An educated freemason needs to have accomplished both.

A popular expression in the teaching profession proclaims that there can be “no dedication without education”

The search for knowledge goes on day after day. Every Mason has the opportunity for a lifetime of continuing education. “Your daily advancement in mason knowledge”

Grand Lodge Vision Statement:

"Ensuring the timeless vitality of Freemasonry in Ontario"

Grand Lodge believes that over the next 25 years we will be presented with some of the most exciting and challenging opportunities in our jurisdiction's history.

The Grand Lodge Mission Statement is:

"Grand Lodge's mission is to provide effective and sustainable leadership to Ontario's Masonic community and preserve the timeless Masonic initiatory system as a framework for all good men to transform their lives through the ancient and enduring tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth."


Masonic Arts & Sciences For Master Masons

  1. Masonry at Work
  2. History and Origin of Masonry
  3. Administration and Organization
  4. Preparing for Leadership

You may take the programs in any order you wish. Each program costs $40.00. After successful completion of each program, a certificate will be awarded. On completion of all four programs, a certificate for "THE COLLEGE OF FREEMASONRY" will be presented.

Remember: Becoming a Mason was not the final step, it was the first of many steps towards acquiring a wealth of Masonic knowledge and understanding of the Craft. In your first degree you were charged to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. The information that will provide you with that knowledge is yours for the asking in the correspondence course. Fill out your application out today.

Who can Enrol?Any Master Mason in the Jurisdiction, may enrol in the course providing, he is in good standing

The course will be ongoing and may be started at any time Please fully complete the registration form, together with a cheque payable to “Masonic Education Course”; in the amount of $40.00 for each element or   $135.00 for the package of four elements.

The Sankey Centre for Masonic Studies in conjunction with Brock University envisioned by the Grand Master is now becoming a reality. By his Grand Master’s project he is raising funds to establish a centre, to encourage research into the significant impact fraternalism in general and Freemasonry in particular have made on our society here in Canada and throughout the world.

D I.       Duties and Leadership
D II.      Administration, Finance & Communications
D III.     Protocol, Etiquette & Ritual

Forward it along with your cheque for $50.00 to cover the entire course and made payable to: "Masonic D.D.G.M. Course"

Prepatory Course for Aspiring Worshipful Masters

A new course has been created by the College of Freemasonry; and received the approval from the CME and Grand Lodge. It is called the " "Preparatory Course for Aspiring Worshipful Masters".

The new course is more procedural than educational, it is designed to have the students read the book of constitution. It has many questions from the FCF and some from the DDGM course with other questions relating to the examination of the master elect. Click for the Introduction to the Course and the Enrollment Form.


1. Commitee on Masonic Education - Recommended Book List

2. Reflections Newsletter Sign-Up Form

3. Grand Lodge Proceedings (Internet Archive)

4. Toronto East District Ashlars Study Group

5. 2014 Grand Lodge of Instruction TRESTLEBOARD and UPDATE


Education Newsletter from the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education



The name, Ashlars, is intended to signify our intent to work, mark and adjust our understanding of our craft. The Group's objective is to make reaching the designation of "FCF" within reach of every MM in the Toronto East District.




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