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R.W.Bro. Peter J. Sialtsis


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Long Range Planning Committee

Please click here for the Toronto East District Vision, Mission and Goals statement (2012) (also located at the bottom of the page in the documents reference)

Please click here for the Grand Lodge Strategic Goals and Tactical Plan (v5) (Release Date: January 2013)

Please click here for the 2015 LRP Symposium Report (Release Date: April 2015)

The Toronto East District Long Range Planning committee is dedicated to the long range vitality of the lodges in the District. Since being formed in January 2007, the committee has hosted numerous workshops, seminars and discussions on the critical topic of Lodge Vitality and Momentum.

In the words of R.W.Bro. Gregory Seale:

The LRP Committee held a Lodge of Instruction in May 2012 to present a draft Toronto East District Vision, Mission and Goals statement. We received much positive feedback and several great suggestions which have been incorporated to produce the attached (click here) for publication on the District Website.

The LRP committee will be using this website as the primary means to distribute materials to the brethren in the district and to provide updates on our ongoing focus on Lodge Vitality.

NOTICE: The LRP Committee is looking for energetic and creative brethren to join the the LRP committee and help us in our drive toward
Lodge Vitality in Toronto East District . If you are interested in an exciting role on the committee, please contact the LRP committee chairman.

Below you will find some of the materials presented at the 2007/08 Vitlaity workshops hosted by the committee in a variety of districts across the province as well as the 2011 Publication of the Long Range Planning Committee Road Map.

Please note: some of these files are very bandwidth intensive, if you have a dial-up internet connection it is recommended
that you choose the smaller version of the files.

Document Description
Vitality Workshop Slides (full version)
11.7 Mb
MS Powerpoint
Vitality Workshop slides (compressed)
1.97 Mb
2008 Grand Lodge slides (full version)
10 Mb
MS Powerpoint
2008 Grand Lodge slides (compressed)
7.9 Mb
9-Step Vitality Project Flowchart
200 Kb
Brotherly Love Poster (High Res)
2.5 Mb
Brotherly Love Poster (Low Res)
82 Kb
Relief Poster (High Res)
1.98 Mb
Relief Poster (Low Res)
54 Kb
Truth Poster (High Res)
1.67 Mb
Truth Poster (Low Res)
80 Kb
BL_R_T Composite Poster (High Res)
3.05 Mb
BL_R_T Composite Poster (Low Res)
88 Kb
Long Range Planning - 2011 Road Map
44 Kb
MS Word
Toronto East District Vision,
Mission and Goals statement (2012)
185 Kb

Grand Lodge Long Range Planning Tool Kit for Lodges


The lighter side of Lodge Vitality:






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