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W.Bro. Arthur Christie
+1 (905) 852-4696


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Lodges of Discussion (G15) Representative

Lodge of Discussion

Question: Have you ever been invited to meet a brother on the Level?

On the Level… where all rank, fortune and social standing is discarded and equality between brothers in masonry prevails.

On the Level… a sanctuary where not only equality exists, but empathic listening and non-judgmental learning is practiced.

On the Level… is where all Masonic teaching and learning are conducted.

Question: Have you ever been challenged by questions for which you felt you would like the opinions of others on?

Questions like:

  1. Why don’t we discuss religion in Freemasonry?

  2. Why don’t we discuss politics in Freemasonry?

  3. Is Freemasonry part of the occult?

  4. Why are women not admitted to Freemasonry?

  5. How is masonry a part of our everyday life?

  6. Should masonry change with the times?

  7. Why Masonry?

These are some of the questions suggested by Grand Lodge. I’m sure you have a number of questions that you would like discussed with other masons.

Brethren one of the healthiest and most pragmatic ways of getting to the heart of any matter is through DISCUSSION. Discussion or dialogue on the LEVEL provides a forum for Equality, Empathic Listening, and the Surfacing of Assumptions.

A LODGE of DISCUSSION provides just these requirements… a Conflict Free Environment of dialogue.

So how do we conduct a Lodge of Discussion?

  1. Select a topic… there are no boundaries here.

  2. Employ a Moderator… at this time that’s the District Chairman of the Lodge of Discussion.

  3. Suspend the formalities of the lodge… let’s congregate on the ‘level’.

  4. Watch the Miracle of Dialogue.

R.W. Bro. Leyland Muss has provided for between 4 and 6 District Lodges of Discussion:

The first session was held on December 11, 2010, at Chisholm Temple. The Topic was “Why does the traditional approach to Masonic Education get a bad name in the lodge?

For the February 12, 2011 session I would like to invite both NEW and EXPERT masons to a Lodge of Discussion at the Doric Pickering Masonic Hall on Saturday February 12th, 2011, beginning at 10:00 AM. Coffee and Donuts, the energy booster will be provided at 9:30 AM.

I am looking for topics for the remainder of the series, which will be held in March, April and May 2011…so all suggestions are welcome.

If the Worshipful Master would like to conduct a Lodge of Discussion specific to his lodge environment and during a lodge meeting, I would only be too pleased to ‘set the ball rolling’… please feel free to contact me.

Contact me for District or Lodge specific Lodge of Discussion meetings at christie@powergate.ca or just call me at 905.852.4696.

One final note:

The Lodge of Discussion is sanctioned by Grand Lodge and fully supported by our DDGM. An overview of the Lodge of Discussion provided by Grand Lodge can be found at http://www.grandlodge.on.ca/ under the Grand Lodge Education Department section.

As a moderator, I have a Masters Degree in Management Science and my dissertation was focused on researching the Learning Organization… together… I believe we can contribute to the Vision of Grand Lodge, which is: ‘to ensure the timeless vitality of Freemasonry in Ontario… so… let the dialogue begin.

Fraternally Yours

W Bro. Arthur A. Christie (Chris)






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