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Brother to Brother Committee


Five Steps to Application (GLCPOO PDF - July 2015)
(for prospective applicants considering freemasonry)


The Brother to Brother Mission statement:
“Brother to Brother” is a lodge driven program to enhance the skills of all Masons to RETAIN, REVITALIZE and RENEW their lodge membership and empowering them with the right ideas and tools.

The “Brother to Brother” Program is designed to expand the interest generated in the individual Mason by the “Friend to Friend” and “Mentor” Programs. It is aimed at better lodge management, better and more diverse programs in lodge, more participation by members, a better sense of belonging to a fraternity, more activities that include family and friends, and simply making all members feel that they belong and are an important part of the lodge.

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The “Brother to Brother” Program is achieved by utilizing a Tool Kit created for the implementation in each lodge by a respected brother, who will have been trained through the developed program. In essence, it is a program that will provide challenge, recognition and support in order to RETAIN, REVITALIZE and RENEW our membership.

To retain the interest of brethren who have been
Masons for less than one year

To revitalize and maintain the interest of those brethren
who attend lodge on a regular or irregular basis.

To renew the interest of those brethren who
no longer attend lodge.



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