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Lodge No.
No. 647
Official Visit
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2nd Thursday

East Toronto


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Current Lodge Officers
Worshipful Master
W.Bro. Lee C. Paterson
W.Bro. David Cuff
Senior Warden
Bro. David Mason
Junior Warden
Bro. James Fife
Bro. Graham Small
W.Bro. Patrick Hillis
V.W. Bro. Tom Fulton
Senior Deacon
Bro. Joe Lefevre
Junior Deacon
Bro. Albert Pember
Dir. of Ceremonies
Bro. Jason Krell
Inner Guard
W. Bro. Michael Luegger
Senior Steward
Bro. Allan D. Davidson
Junior Steward
Bro. Emel SAhahin
W.Bro. John Rodrigues
Bro. Fleming Pavloski
Contact Information
W. Bro. Tom Fulton
Phone Number:

Lodge History:

On January 5th, 1928, the Institution of Todmorden Lodge took place. Due to the renovations to Bater's Hall not being completed, the ceremony was held in the Masonic Temple, Gerrard Street East.
In the absence, owing to illness, of the D.D.G.M. R. W. Bro. The Rev. A. McLellan, the ceremonies were conducted by R. W. Bro. Crawford, assisted by V. W. Bro. D. McDougall and the following Brethren, W. Bro. Dr. Mathieson, W. Bro. J. Johnson, and W. Bro. M. J. Wilkes,Secretary for Toronto District B.

The dispensation from Grand Lodge was read by W. Bro. Wilkes. The officers of Todmorden Lodge then took their places and conducted the Lodge business.

W. Bro. Shier expressed our regret at the unavoidable absence of the District Deputy Grand Master, and asked W. Bro. Wilkes to convey the good wishes of the newest lodge in his district and to make a presentation to him on behalf of the Lodge.

W. Bro. Powell gave notice that at the next regular meeting of the Lodge, he would move that the By-Laws of Queen City Lodge, with the necessary alterations as recommended by the Committee and approved by the Charter members, be adopted as the By-Laws of Todmorden Lodge.

A hearty vote of thanks to the Grand Lodge Officers, the visiting Wor. Masters, and Brethren was then passed, after which the meeting adjourned to the Banquet room for the conclusion of the evening.
Attendance at the Institution 250:-
Lodges represented - Queen City, Riverdale, York, Canada, Brougham Union, War Veterans, and Orient Chapter R.A.M.

Todmorden Lodge has always had a close association with Orient Chapter and many of our Brethren have served as First Principal.


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