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Lodge No.
No. 637
Official Visit
Meeting Nights

3rd Monday

York (1100 Millwood Road, Toronto)


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Current Lodge Officers
Worshipful Master
W. Bro. Torey Williams
W. Bro. Michael Willett
Senior Warden
W. Bro. Ralph Kachur
Junior Warden
Bro. Nicolas DeValle
W. Bro. Mark Wilson
V.W. Bro. Alex Wilson
Assistant Secretary
Senior Deacon
R.W. Bro. Harold Clarke
Junior Deacon
W. Bro. Trevor Walker
Dir. of Ceremonies
R.W. Bro. Alan Pendleton
Inner Guard
Bro. Ken Hume
Senior Steward
Bro. George O’Keefe
Junior Steward
Bro. Josh DaSilva
Contact Information
V.W. Bro. Alex Wilson
Phone Number:

Lodge History:

"CALEDONIA LODGE owes its inception to a wide-spread desire to have, in the Eastern part of Toronto, a Masonic Lodge of peculiarly Scottish sympathies and affiliations."

Thus reads the introduction to "The History of Formation and Progress" in our archives and Caledonia Lodge has remained true to its colours in spite of the pressures of tremendous social and economic change during the past fifty years. True, the automobile and "401" have nearly obsoleted the parochialism that gave clearly-defined identity to such areas in Toronto as "The Danforth", "Balmy Beach", "Leaside", "Moore Park", "Christie Pits", "High Park" and the like. True, we now have regular attenders who travel from Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Newmarket and Stouffville. But "East-enders" still predominate on our membership roster.

And our members remain fiercely loyal to the continuance of all traditional practices that keep Caledonia Scottish. Even although modern medical science warns of the dangers of noise pollution, we still cram the cream of the 48th and the Toronto Scottish pipe bands into the narrow confines of our Temple to "gie us a blaw". In spite of modem nutritional science, we still risk the digestive disasters haggis! And if, when a candidate is admonished to "repeat after me"; we compound his problem of understandable nervousness by the need to comprehend words given in a "foreign" tongue, what of that? Our track record would indicate that the enforced additional concentration develops extra dedication.

Caledonia's experience substantiates the conviction of our founding Fathers that Masonry in Toronto would benefit from the establishment of such a lodge and the simple expedient of copying their example has enabled those of us who followed to keep her "braw", socially and financially.

In the Orient and Riverdale Masonic Hall, Gerrard Street E., on January 18th, 1926; the institutional ceremonies were conducted by Rt. Wor. Bro. J.S.A. Whealy, D.D.G.M. of Toronto District "B". There were 78 names on the Charter list. The first candidate, Douglas Reid, was initiated at the next regular meeting in February of that year and he remained as a noteable attender at all the "milestone" meetings of the lodge until his death in 1974. In that first year he was followed by 61 candidates for initiation and 15 affiliates.

With such a healthy start, it was a matter of form for Grand Lodge to issue a Warrant of Constitution at the Grand Lodge summer session in Pon Arthur, (now known as Thunder Bay) and on Monday, October 18th, 1926, Caledonia Lodge was formally Constituted and Consecrated by Most Wor. Bro. John A. Roland, Grand Master.


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