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Alpha-Tuscan Lodge

Lodge No.
No. 384
Official Visit
Meeting Nights

1st Thursday 7:00PM

3rd Thursday

East Toronto


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Current Lodge Officers
Worshipful Master
W. Bro. Ritch Murray
W. Bro. Ulrich Dessouassi
Senior Warden
Bro. Hector Medina Avila
Junior Warden
Bro. Mark Houghton
Bro. Garth Handford
V.W. Bro. Tom Perry
V.W. Bro. Martin Skulnick
Asst. Secretary
Bro. Bob Philips
Senior Deacon
Bro. Brent Piels
Junior Deacon
Bro. Girish Nagagopal
Dir. of Ceremonies
V. W. Bro. Tom Fulton
Inner Guard
Bro. Benjamin N’Goran
Senior Steward
Bro. Ibrahima Barry
Junior Steward
Bro.. Abhinav Kalysundarum
R. W. Bro. Sumit Sachdeo
W. Bro. Rod Rego
Bro. Socrate Kpadonou
W. Bro. Jim McKinnon
Contact Information
V. W. Bro. Martin Skulnick
Phone Number:

Lodge History:

Alpha and Tuscan Lodges were both from the former Toronto District 7 and both enjoyed a long and admirable history. Tuscan was, in fact, a daughter lodge of Alpha; and received her charter in 1918. The Alpha lodge Charter dates to 1880.

At the time of the realignment of the 5 Toronto Districts, Alpha and Tuscan were among only 3 lodges from the old District 7 to become part of the new Toronto East District. The 3rd was Cathedral Lodge and it has since gone dark.

Alpha and Tuscan had always been close and always attend each other’s Installations and special events. With the realignment of the Districts, an even stronger bond developed. This developed into talks related to a merger. Both lodges were relatively strong individually; and membership from both could see the potential to be even stronger, and; what better time to amalgamate than from close to the beginning in a new District. The wheels were put into motion and on June 5th, 2008; we became Alpha Tuscan Lodge number 384. The committee leading to the amalgamation decision consisted of R. Wor. Brothers David Mead and Don Perry as well as R. Wor. Brother Darwin Willoughby, who has since passed to the G. L. above.

The ceremony was held at the East Toronto Masonic Temple with M. Wor. Bro. Alan Petrisor and R. Wor. Bro. Donald Campbell. Present.

The first Wor. Master of the newly amalgamated Lodge was Wor. Bro. Kevin Kelly and the first elected Master for the next term was R. Wor. Darwin Willoughby.

The first slate of Officers consisted of 11 from the former Alpha and six from the former Tuscan.

As the years, and inevitable growing pains go by we are becoming a stronger Lodge.

A complete history of the first 125 years of Alpha Lodge was compiled and printed by W. Bro. Martin Sckulnick in 2005, and limited copies are still available.


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2011 Officers


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2012 Officers and Installing Board


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2019 Official Visit



Education Presentation by W.Bro. Martin Skulnick at the November 2011 Regular Meeting of Alpha Tuscan Lodge "Alpha Lodge in World War One" in Powerpoint and PDF Formats.


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