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Acacia Lodge

Lodge No.
No. 430
Official Visit
Meeting Nights

3rd Monday

(excepting February and May which is 2nd Monday)



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Current Lodge Officers
Worshipful Master
W. Bro. Jun Ogues
W. Bro. Rodel Hernaez
Senior Warden
W. Bro. Isaias Franco
Junior Warden
Bro. Manny Martin
W. Bro. David McAuliffe
W. Bro. Jose Ferrer
W. Bro. Chito Faminial
Senior Deacon
Bro. Cesar Acuña
Junior Deacon
Bro. Gabriel Uy
Dir. of Ceremonies
V. W. Bro. Dennis Rankin
Inner Guard
Bro. Louie de Belen
Senior Steward
Bro. Artemio Pascua
Junior Steward
Bro. Joseph Lucenara
Bro. Budd Lam
V. W. Bro. Dennis Rankin
Bro. Mauricio Pimentel
Contact Information
W. Bro. Chito Faminial
Phone Number:
(647) 678-5058


Acacia Lodge History:

A preliminary meeting was held on March 31st, 1892, to discuss the formation of another Masonic Lodge in East Toronto. It was comprised of members from Orient Lodge #399. In attendance were Brothers J.P. McMaster, J. Mitchell, W.R. Walters, John Richardson, John Parsell, G. Milne, D. Maginn, W. Brown and S. Newland.

In order to proceed, dispensation was requested of, and granted by, the surrounding Lodges and the G.M. John Ross Robertson on May 5th, 1892.

Bro. William Bowman loaned $200 for Hall Furnishings and a meeting place was secured through Bro. D.G. Stephenson, at Kingston Road and Main Street. The name ACACIA was chosen and the new lodge was constituted on June 12th, 1892, and formally opened on June 27th, 1892. R. W. Bro. T.H. Branton, D.D.G.M. officiated. The officers and members of Orient Lodge No. 339 were present to honour the occasion.

On Friday, July 15th, 1892, the G.M. J. Ross Robertson visited the Lodge. He delivered a well received lecture on the history of the Craft. On Monday, July 18th, 1892, the very first petition for membership was received from Mr. Alex Matthews, he was subsequently initiated on Monday, November 21st, 1892. On this occasion Bro. William Brown presented the Lodge with a volume of the Sacred Law.

In early February 1893, the Lodge furnishings were sold, and with the proceeds along with additional funds totalling $365 the hall was refurnished and made eminently more comfortable.

For some years after being constituted Acacia Lodge grew and prospered. Its members played an important part in the development and early history of East Toronto.


2011 Installing Board

2011 Officers



2012 Official Visit

W.Bro. Dhanju Chichgur Secretary of Lodge Sohrab Bahroocha No. 1363 Mumbai, India

2012 Official Visit

Bro. William Morris receiving his Lewis Jewel

2012 Official Visit

Newest Initiate Bro. Ranald Clarke with the DDGM and Sponsors

2012 Official Visit

Officers of Acacia Lodge with the DDGM


2012 Installation

2013 Official Visit


2013 Installation

2014 Official Visit


2014 Installation

2015 Installation


2018 Installation

2019 Installation


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