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R.W. Bro. Robert Kliaman
3000 Langstaff Road, Unit 14
Concord, ON L4K 4R7
(905) 707-6886



W. Bro. Jeffery R. Scott


DDGM 2022

R.W. Bro. Robert Kliaman
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

March 2023 Message


I hope everyone is well and eager to go as we enter March with longer days and hopefully muchwarmer weather and an end to the snow.

In February we had four Official Visits which were all well attended.

In March we have five Official Visits, please check your schedules:
March 1st West Hill Lodge No. 670, R. C. Legion Branch 345 with late banquet.
March 2nd The Beaches Lodge No. 473, York Masonic Temple with early banquet.
March 8th Imperial East Gate Lodge No. 543, York Masonic Hall with early banquet.
March 13th Scarboro Lodge No. 653, R. C. Legion Branch 345 with late banquet.
  March 20th Acacia Lodge No. 430, York Masonic Hall with early banquet.

Also, on the schedule in March we have:
March 16th Alpha Tuscan Lodge No. 384 with be honouring 3 Past Masters with their 25-year service pins.
March 30th Brougham Union Lodge No. 269 – Open House, please attend so you can view with the community of Claremont a rare piece of history preserved in one of the older Masonic buildings in Ontario.


Celebrating 4 years (49th - 50th  Golden Jubilee - 51st  - 52nd )
Dinner at 7:00 pm - reception at 6:30 pm
TICKET PRICE $70 By email transfer to: torontoandyorkmastersbanquet@gmail.com or
Eventbrite Registration
  Guest Speaker: V.W. Bro. Thomas Carrique (OPP Commissioner)

  Chairman Contact: W. Bro Alek Lemajic ~ Call/Text (416) 837-0307 ~ email alek@lemajic.com

The DISTRICT AWARDS Package, which was prepared by The District Awards Committee will be distributed to all lodges by The District Secretary. I ask that each Lodge check the list of awards and look to your membership for worthy Brothers to be nominated. The Awards Committee will require all nominations to be submitted by April 30TH for judging. Awards Night will be held on Wednesday May 31ST at The School of Fine Dining; it would be great to see all Lodges represented.

It has also been very rewarding to see that a good number of our Lodges have taken advantage of the Mentorship Program by utilizing the material supplied by the Mentorship Committee. Please review other Grand Lodge programs on the Grand Lodge Website and take advantage of them as well. If you need any assistance, just contact your District Chairman or The District Secretary.

The symbolism of Masonry. Every symbol in a Lodge is a teacher, the mute teacher of morals and philosophy. It is in its ancient symbols and in the knowledge of their true meanings that the eminence of Freemasonry consists. By its symbols it will reign without a peer when it learns again what its symbols mean, and that each is the embodiment of some great, old, rare truth.”
 By Bro. Carl Claudyn

I look forward to greeting you all personally this month.

May the Great Architect of the Universe continue to protect and guide us in all our endeavours.

Sincerly and fraternally,

R.W. Bro. Robert Kliaman,
DDGM, Toronto East District 2022~2023


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