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R.W. Bro. Ross E. McOuat
44 Croxall Blvd.
Whitby, ON L1M 2E4



W. Bro. Mark Ingram
20 White Elm Road
Barrie, ON L4N 8S9
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


R.W.Bro. Ross E. McOuat

District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

February was truly a fun month. We had 3 Official Visits were both The
District Secretary and myself were warmly welcomed.

March is shaping up to be another great one. We have 5 Official Visits in
March which is nearly a third of our overall count. There are also a few
years of service pin presentations as well as some social activities. So if
you haven't had a chance to get out to an Official Visit or to participate
in one of the many activities I highly recommend it.

As I travel throughout our District I see an optimism which I haven't seen
in quite some time. Lodges are initiating new members. A lot of Lodges have Master Masons in the more senior Chairs. There are events being planned in Lodge as well as socially. Brethren keep up the great work you are doing.

If it is your first time visit that Lodge let me know. It is great seeing so
many of the same faces each time. Maybe some of the "regulars" can bring along a new face or three? If so please introduce me.

If any Lodge would like to jump on the band wagon with Grand Lodge (or
District) presentations just reach out to your District Chairman. I am sure
he will help you out.

What has your Lodge done differently so far this year? Have you tried out
something new? If you are having success with a particular approach why not share it?

Whether you are  a new Mason or more experience one please feel free to
share with me your thoughts. I am here, after all to serve you and your

Here's a suggestion (or 4): Maybe a Lodge wants to have the guys from the "Saturday morning class" come out during the evening to their Lodge for some Mechanics of the Work instruction and invite the other Lodges in the District?

Or maybe: Invite our youth groups out for a presentation?

Or socially: Maybe challenge another Lodge to a bowling competition?

Or: Maybe a Lodge wants to support our Youth groups by sponsoring a cooking experience? I believe we have 1 or 2 chefs in our District. Maybe they can teach our Youths how to prepare a special meal? Maybe the youth groups can then prepare the meal and sell us some tickets with the money going back to their groups?

Remember: It is YOUR Lodge and YOUR District and YOUR Grand Lodge. Let's all work together to make it the best and most active that we can.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming days.

As always may the Great Architect of the Universe look after you and yours.

R. W. Bro. Ross E. McOuat
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

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