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R.W. Bro.Malcolm J. Parrish
10-2960 Headon Forest Dr.
Burlington, ON L7M 4G5



W. Bro. William (Bill) Willis
960 Westney Rd. Soth, Apt. 221
Ajaz, ON L1S 7L1
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


R.W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Brethren who attended the Remembrance parades at various locations throughout Toronto East District. Special thanks go out to R. W. Bro. Lou Lombardi, R. W. Bro. Bruce Grimbleby and W. Bro. Frank MacKay for organizing the parades in our District.

C h a r i t y

Christmas is the time of year when charity becomes a household word. As Masons we are admonished to make charity a priority throughout the year. The collection of monies for a cause is a large part of charity, but as Masons we are very early on in our journey asked to consider other forms of charity (Charity Lecture, EA) to form the whole. I would ask the Brethren at this time to consider,
Visit or call old friends or neighbours. Christmas really does accentuate loneliness and a good, warm chat with a friend works wonders.
Give blood
Offer your time and expertize for the betterment of your community.
• Take time to assure your family you love them.

Over the years I have met Brethren who become despondent with Masonry and have actually left the Fraternity through charity. Grand Lodge in Hamilton does not have a room full of bingo cards or fund raising equipment. Nor do they have committees of fund raisers to work on getting money to your cause. Look to the successful Brethren who, Ride for Cancer, Walk for Cancer or grow mustaches for charity. All these Brethren had a justifiable cause but collected money through their efforts and did not demand Grand Lodge to work on their behalf.

My District Charity is to assist in spreading a First Responder Programme throughout the various Distress Centres, located in Toronto and surrounding areas. I will be asking Brethren to help me organize fund raisers and also Lodge participation.

On behalf of our District Secretary, W. Bro. William Willis his wife Lynne, and my wife Judy, I sincerely wish you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas, as well as enjoyment to those observing Chanukah. May next year be full of health and happiness.


R. W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish,
Toronto East Distict.

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