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R.W. Bro.Malcolm J. Parrish
10-2960 Headon Forest Dr.
Burlington, ON L7M 4G5



W. Bro. William (Bill) Willis
960 Westney Rd. Soth, Apt. 221
Ajaz, ON L1S 7L1
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


R.W.Bro. Malcolm Parish

District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

Embrace Masonic Events and Efforts

I cannot believe that as I sit to write this communiqué, I am also considering cancelling another Masonic meeting due to the weather. It’s as if the weatherman has my Masonic itinerary and trestle board and plans the snow accordingly.

It was wonderful to be present at the Friends Introduction to Freemasonry on Saturday, February 23rd at the Toronto East Temple. The Lodge room was well occupied by over 80 people, almost half being non masons. I must give all the credit to the two chairs, W. Bro. Ryan Johnson, Toronto East District and W. Bro. Alec Zimmerman, Toronto Don Valley District for their diligence and determination to get the event in the minds of the
community. Also, I must thank them for eliciting the assistance of Grand Lodge, R. W. Bro. George Warner and his committee, as well as the younger masons of the district.

This event was a success because the brethren of the districts embraced the idea. With the weather being so poor lately, it is hard to understand the low attendance at some meetings and social events. Is it the weather or apathy?. Please look to embrace the efforts of our brethren who are trying to organize a social event or educational night to help the district become better. Please look to the district publications, The Builder, Hiram’s Lighthouse, TWiTE and the various social media outlets, to see what event you could possibly make.

The two district social events I’d like to promote are:
 Tuesday April 30th, The Grand Masters Reception, at the Crystal Fountain banquet hall in Markham. Please buy your Tickets from Bro. Ritchie Murray, ritchie.murray@gmail.com
 Toronto East District Black and White Gala, Ajax, Saturday , June 8th.
It’s time to buy your tickets. Tickets and seating position are on a first come basis.

I must commend the words of the Worshipful Master of Universe Lodge, W. Bro. Aldaine Chia when he asks his brethren to stay well, dress warm and appropriate for the possible weather conditions and drive a safe vehicle.

R.W. Bro. Malcolm J Parish
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District 2018—2019

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